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28-Day Average

CEFREF tracks headache and painkiller days over the previous 28-days.

The trendline represents day-to-day changes in headache- and painkiller-days over the last 28 days (i.e. day-to-day changes in the '-1' bar on the '28-Day-Review' chart).

Each day the '-1' bar can change in three possible ways:

  • +1, then the trendline goes up

  • 0, then the trendline remains flat

  • -1, then the trendline goes down

Uptrends indicate increase in headache- and/or painkillers-days. Downtrend indicate decrease in headache- and/or painkiller-days. '●' indicate SEVERE headache days. Pressing circles at the bottom of chart toggles chart lines on and off.

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