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84-Day Review

CEFREF tracks 28-day average Headache- / Painkiller-Days over the last 84-days in 84-day periods. Data bars update day end.


Each bar consists of blocks indicating 28-day average 'Mild', 'Moderate' and 'Severe' Headache-Days for that 84-day period. Light blue line indicates 28-day average Painkiller-Days for that 84-day period. '-3 to -1' indicates last 84-days, '-6 to -4' indicates 84-days before that etc.

28-day average Headache-Days and Painkiller-Days for the highlighted 84-day period are displayed in circles below.

For example, below: The 28-day Average number of headache days between periods -6 to -4 is 10.


Pressing background reveals all months.


Pressing circles at bottom of screen toggles between data sets.

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